IGT collaborating with Codere to deploy cloud gaming system

May 7, 2012 7:54 PM

It is heralded as the future of a casino floor and it is being introduced at a gaming hall in Mexico.

International Game Technology (IGT) announced Monday it is collaborating with Codere, a major casino operator in Latin America and Europe, to deploy the first cloud-based gaming system solution at Codere’s Gonzalitor Gaming Hall in Mexico.

“The IGT Cloud,” said Felipe Ludena, Codere’s chief information officer, “gives us unprecedented analytical insight to our business as well as the ability to take action on that insight in providing the right content to the right players at the right time.”

The company said that Codere’s Gonzalitos Gaming Hall is the largest implementation of a cloud-based systems solution, with five-times more machines than the next largest deployment being powered by the IGT Cloud-based solution.

The size of this particular cloud deployment, when compared to any other location, demonstrates the scalability of IGT’s Cloud based systems solution.

This deployment, said the company, enables Codere to make data driven adjustments to the mix of available themes and optimize the placement of games on their floor. The data driven approach offered by IGT Cloud will enable them to optimize their floor by making timely decisions based upon player behavior.

Codere’s operations in Latin America and Europe involve some 57,000 gaming machines in 190 gambling facilities. It also has 798 sports betting shops and three horse racetracks in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil and provides on-line gaming in Italy where it holds the appropriate licenses.