Station Casinos links properties to single blackjack jackpot

May 30, 2012 1:02 PM

Blackjack enthusiasts have a new way to win more money at more locations, with Station Casinos linking Shuffle Master’s Hit and Run® $1 side bet at nine of its properties: Boulder Station, Fiesta Henderson, Fiesta Rancho, Green Valley Ranch resort, Palace Station, Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station and Texas Station. Station Casinos is the first gaming company in Las Vegas to link properties at several locations to a single progressive blackjack jackpot. 

To become eligible for the progressive, players may make a $1 side bet when they place their main wager. The Hit and Run® progressive bet is based solely on the dealer’s hand. Players win if the dealer hits blackjack or the dealer’s hand consists of five or more cards (including if the last card busts the dealer’s hand). With the dealer showing blackjack, a player will receive a $4 win. If the dealer’s hand consists of between five and eight cards, the winning ratio begins at $7 and pays as high as $100 or $200 depending on number of decks at that game, and if the dealer’s hand has eight or more cards, the progressive jackpot will be paid. When the progressive is hit, and multiple players placed the side bet, the pot is split amongst the players at the winning table. As of May 25, the progressive jackpot on Station Casinos Double Deck Hit and Run® games is now over $10,500 and the Shoe Hit and Run games are over $15,400. 

Station Casinos has offered similar blackjack progressives, however, the jackpots only built within individual properties. Based on the success and popularity of those blackjack progressives, Station Casinos decided to link multiple properties to the Hit and Run® progressive games.

The move follows the recent successful linking of properties for the Fortune Pai Gow Poker® progressive jackpot earlier in the year. Since linking all Station Casinos and Fiesta properties, more than $1 million has been paid to players through Fortune Pai Gow Poker® progressive side bets.  

“Station Casinos has been an industry-leader in their commitment to enhancing table games player’s experiences by offering exciting progressive jackpots across multiple properties,” said Gavin Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer of Shuffle Master.  “We’re delighted with Station’s success in linking Fortune Pai Gow Poker® Progressive across 10 properties and we are excited to expand the inter-casino linked concept to include Hit and Run® Progressive for blackjack.” 

Station Casinos also operates a variety of property-linked progressives including slots, bingo and in poker rooms. Other table games, offered 24-hours-a-day, include poker, Let it Ride®, craps and roulette. For more information, visit