Vegas upping its game(s) with two new testing labs

Jun 26, 2012 3:07 AM

Nevada casinos have not always been the first to get the best of the new games coming from major manufacturers around the world.

Some of these new games were more likely to be found in myriad Indian casinos months before they got to the Las Vegas Strip. Those delays have been costly to all the parties that benefit from the steady flow of casino revenues.

This is about to change as a result of action taken by casino regulators this month to approve two private testing labs to ensure new casino games are in synch with state regulations.

The Commission’s approval of Gaming Laboratories International and BMM International is seen as likely to erase the long delays that have had manufacturers taking their best new games to Indian casinos where they could be making money in a matter of weeks or a few months.

GLI and BMM were responsible for many of those approvals involving Indian casinos.

The way things have worked till now, there was “no real economic incentive,” as one source termed it, for the state lab to overhaul longstanding work practices that created long lines and delays.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and the big thinkers associated with Cantor Gaming played significant roles in the successful push for legislation that makes the changes possible.