Bookmaker charges Congressman aware of illegal activity

Jul 2, 2012 9:42 AM

Patrice Tierney, whose husband, John, represents the 6th Congressional District of Massahcusetts, served a 30-day jail sentence after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting the filing of false  tax returns for her brother, Robert Eremian, who runs an illegal gambling operation out of Antigua.

Another brother, involved in illegal bookmaking activities – Daniel Eremian – was sentenced last week to three years in prison for his involvement in illegal gambling .

Following his conviction, Daniel Eremian insisted that the congressman’s denial of any knowledge about the illegal gambling was a lie. “He knew everything,” charged Daniel Eremian.

“He knew everything that was going on. He sat in the boxes with bookies at Fenway Park,” Eremian alleged.

Eremian believes that his sister was forced to enter a plea agreement with federal prosecutors to save her husband’s political career. Patrice Tierney denies the allegation.

“It is demeaning for my brother to infer that I am not intelligent enough, even with the counsel of a well-respected lawyer, to make my own decisions,” Patrice Tierney was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, John Tierney is facing a re-election challenge in November while brother-in-law, Robert Eremian, continues to be a fugitive from justice.

Daniel Eremian, and a co-defendant, Todd Lyons, were convicted of racketeering, conspiracy, operating an illegal gambling business and wire act offences. They allegedly employed 50 gambling agents in the U.S. and laundered more than $10 million in checks and wire transfers.