Seniors offered remedy for bad beats at CareMore Las Vegas

Aug 7, 2012 3:00 AM

So I’m riding around listening to KJUL, the only station with the smarts to play Sinatra, Darin, Diana Krall and ageless Don Cherry. Anyway, I hear an ad that CareMore, that wonderful health group for the 55-over crowd, is having a seminar at Palace Station.

I know betting can be hazardous for your health at times in race and sports books so the seminar at Palace Station definitely tweaked my interest. As it did CareMore’s.

“I chose Palace Station because I think the neighboring area has a lot of folks who can really benefit,” said Carmen Pyper, CareMore area sales manager in Las Vegas.

CareMore is a Medicare advantage prescription drug plan. People can qualify for it if they have Medicare A and B.

“It’s neat because we have a lot of programs for people with chronic conditions like diabetes and breathing and heart problems,” Pyper said. “Folks can enroll this time of year.”

Especially those who have suffered painful bad beats.

“I don’t know if our doctors can really help with the gambling part of that equation, she laughed. “Our goal is to keep people happy, healthy and active. Whatever they enjoy, whether it’s gambling or dancing, we want them to be active.”

CareMore started as a group practice in 1993, with physicians in the southern California area. They specialized in seniors and made sure patients could get the best health outcomes possible.

“In 2010 we took the first patient in the Las Vegas area,” Pyper said. “We’re now in California, Nevada and some in Arizona. We are opening new markets this year in Virginia and New York. There are 4,000 members in Clark County.”

The event took place upstairs in the Palace Station ballroom with yoga, Zumba (Latin music with aerobic dancing) and line dancing. There was also a cardiologist on hand to discuss the ABC’s of diabetes.

“It’s the first time we have been at Palace,” Pyper said. “Previously we went to Boulder Station about a month ago. KJUL has a partnership with Station Casinos so it was one of our goals to associate with them. Station properties are all over town.”

The price range for CareMore is zero premiums (aka no vig).

“There is no additional cost to join,” Pyper explained. “When someone is on Medicare they pay a part B premium. This year it’s just over $99, which comes out of the monthly social security check. We have one plan that pays back $40 a month as part B rebate. It’s an option people can choose.”

A lot of seniors come out to Palace Station and that definitely factored into CareMore’s seminar and my curiosity.

“Seniors are the market we want to get in front of and what better place than Palace Station,” Pyper said. “We just hope they gamble on games instead of their health.”

I’m suggesting a $40 rebate for lost bets of $40 or more.

So far, no response.