Felon seen opening three Macau gambling rooms

Jan 21, 2013 6:10 PM

Wan Kuok Koi, one of Macau’s most notorious underworld figures during the days when Chinese triads were predominant in the Portuguese enclaves’ gambling activities, has barely been out of jail more than a month and already he is believed to be back in business.

Legal business, that it, according to an article in HK magazine that was reported in Macau Daily Times.

Koi, who was given the nickname “Broken Tooth,” when he headed an organization of mobsters in Macau’s gambling industry, was released from prison on Dec. 1, 2012. His appearance on the Macau scene caused law enforcement to set up a special task force to monitor his activities.

East Week magazine’s Macau edition said Koi was joining forced with influential Macau gaming figure Christine Si Tou Yuk Lin in planning to open three so-called VIP gambling rooms. The magazine did not specify in what casinos these VIP rooms would be located.

No doubt, the appearance of “Broken Tooth” and “Big Sister” Si Tou in newly-established VIP rooms will attract a great deal of regulatory review, especially if the rooms were to be located in properties operated by Nevada-licensed Wynn Resorts Ltd., Las Vegas Sands Corp. or MGM Resorts International.

These VIP rooms are expected to open next month, the magazine indicated. It also reported that Koi’s family currently operates six or seven VIP gambling rooms in Macau, again without identifying their casino locations.

VIP rooms in Macau casinos are generally patronized by high-end Chinese players. Their favorite game is VIP Baccarat. Last year, according to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, VIP Baccarat generated $26.356 billion in gambling revenue. 

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