Revel returns slot losses, matches competing offers

Jun 20, 2013 10:33 AM

Revel Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City, announced its new marketing strategy today: “Gamblers Wanted.”  In addition Revel has abandoned its no-smoking policy and introduced new affordable dining options.

Throughout the month of July, all rated slot losses greater than $100 will be refunded to gamblers using a Revel Card. In other words, gamblers can’t lose.

In addition, on July 1 the casino will begin matching slot offers players receive from all other Atlantic City casinos. Customers need only bring their original mail piece to the Revel Card Desk and an identical amount of free slot play will be loaded onto their Revel Card. 

“Everybody deserves a second chance, and in order for Revel to earn one, we are offering a second chance to every slot customer,” said Jeff Hartmann, interim chief executive officer. “Whether you played with us last week, have not visited in a year, or have never tried Revel, this exciting promotion is open to everyone and proves that at Revel, gamblers are wanted.”

Revel, which recently emerged from bankruptcy with new management, was considered by many to have an attitude problem when it first opened in April 2012. It billed itself as a destination resort that happened to have a casino, which did not sit well with many gamblers.

According to Randall A. Fine, managing director of the Fine Point Group, which is overseeing Revel’s new marketing strategy, gamblers are now very important to Revel and these promotions are designed to let them know that.

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