Conn. SWAT team raids Norwalk's 'Casino Royale'

Jun 24, 2013 10:20 AM

There’s no telling just how much business Norwalk’s “Casino Royale” took away from Connecticut’s two licensed casinos, Foxwoods Resorts and Mohegan Sun. The illegal gambling parlor had been operating for at least three years.

On Friday, the authorities reported raiding the facility and arresting six alleged bosses and card dealers.

There were at least two dozen gamblers playing when the raid took place. In fact, one customer, who, police said, would not have been arrested, decided to flee before the cops entered. He jumped out of a window on the third floor and received critical injuries.

One of the attractions at the gambling house was a poker room that had six Texas Hold’Em tables, police said.

Officials admitted that they were aware that the so-called gambling ring had been active for at least three years.

“We were looking at it for a long time,” Lt. James Walsh, commander of the Special Services Unit of the Norwalk police told The Hour of Norwalk newspaper.

“We were finally able to gather the investigative resources due to the utilization of undercover officers,” he explained.

Authorities said the operation was called “Casino Royale” and included a fortified door and surveillance cameras in the hallways. The six people that were arrested were held on $5,000 bonds.

There was no indication given as to just how much money was taken in by the illegal gambling house.

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