Social media claims Sands China hired 'overseas' grads

Sep 23, 2013 10:48 AM

Social media, which for many young people especially has replaced traditional news sources, can play havoc with an operating company since its pronouncements, that often sound like news items, are completely unverified. There ain’t no fact check for social media items.

Witness a recent problem suffered by Sands China, the Asian gambling company that is majority owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp.

A social media item claimed that Sands China had hired 300 “overseas” university graduates as pit supervisors for its several casinos.

In Macau, where a major emphasis is made by the local government to hire local residents, such a charge can generate some heated exchanges. It instantly becomes a hot political potato.

How did Sands China respond to the social media charge?

“The company would like to state,” Sands China’s comment read, “that there is no truth to the rumor. Sands China follows all labor regulations in its hiring of overseas workers.”

The ball was then returned to the social media outlet to substantiate its claims. So far, there has only been silence.

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