Win Cards could improve gaming revenue results

Sep 24, 2013 3:00 AM

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Last month, the New York Times reported that in Las Vegas, following a continuing trend, casino visitation was up but gaming revenues were down.

What can be done to improve these gaming revenue results? One solution would be to entice more of these visitors to play the casino’s live games.

Marketing is a full-time job and doesn’t end when a customer is in Las Vegas or “on property.”

On any given day, there are hoards of visitors who walk through the casinos in Las Vegas and do not gamble. That is the challenge for casino operators – how do you get these visitors to actually “make a bet” – especially on a live game?

It is estimated that up to 90% of those who are presently staying in Las Vegas hotels and casinos do not know how to play craps. This has traditionally been one of the casino’s most popular games but it is dying out. The main reason for this is the casinos are not being “pro-active” in attracting new players. Older players are no longer playing and new customers must become involved if the game is to survive.

Just opening these games and expecting people to flock to them is the mentality that has caused a decrease in the interest in these live games. It is simply not good enough to just offer these games. They have to be actively marketed to those who are not necessarily there to play the live games.

Making the games more accessible and attractive to beginners should be every casino’s responsibility.

One of the most successful, ongoing venues that is designed to attract, develop and entice beginners to the live table games is the WIN CARDS program.

WIN CARDS are handy, plastic cards with a dial that are designed to quickly and easily show beginners the basics of how to play the core casino live games of blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat.

Now in its 27th year, the WIN CARDS program has proven to be an efficient and cost effective method with which casinos can “turn tourists into players.” The WIN CARDS program has been utilized in over 200 casinos, riverboats, cruise ships and tribal casinos. It is responsible for creating literally millions of new table games customers.

Attesting to their universal nature and ability to work in casinos, large and small, the program has recently been introduced at casinos in many diverse locations. The El San Juan, in Puerto Rico, the Riviera in Las Vegas and the Pullmantur Cruises in Spain are some of the latest casinos to employ the WIN CARDS Program. They are now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and for 2014, French.

This is the 14th year the WIN CARDS Program has been operating at Circus-Circus in Las Vegas and Reno.

Other casinos in Nevada that have had many years of success with the WIN CARDS program include Mandalay Bay, Tropicana and Four Queens in Las Vegas along with Grand Lodge Resort and Harrah’s/Harvey’s in Lake Tahoe.

You can check out the WIN CARDS web-site at or call 1-866-4-wincards for more information.

The WIN CARDS will again be on exhibit at the Global Gaming Expo, booth number 3724 at Sands Convention and Expo Center this Tuesday through Thursday.

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