Mass. regulators ask for more time for agreements

Sep 23, 2013 6:34 PM

When Massachusetts lawmakers approved the establishment of three casinos and one slots facility they required a license applicant have the approval of the host community. But, they also added that there be agreements between the casinos and the other cities and towns near the proposed sites of gambling facilities.

So far, there has not been one surrounding city or town agreement forged by any of the license applicants.

That has prompted gaming regulators to suggest more time be allowed for such agreements to be struck.

“The lack of surrounding community agreements will hamper our review process,” said John Ziemba, ombudsman for the Massachusetts Gambling Commission.

Meanwhile, the Boston City Council has been asked to decide whether only the voters of East Boston will be asked to approve the gaming application of Suffolk Downs or whether the matter should be voted on by the entire Commonwealth. Suffolk Downs has asked that the matter be on the ballot on Nov. 5.

Ray Poirier is the longtime executive editor at GamingToday.

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