All bets are on outside the U.S.A. with online betting

Oct 15, 2013 3:00 AM

Even though G2E (Global Gaming Expo) has long since passed, moments after it ended they were promoting the 2014 model.

Such is the continued attraction of Las Vegas to both the national and international gaming community. While gambling is certainly no longer restricted to Nevada, it was abundantly clear at the Expo that Vegas is where everyone wants to be to promote their items.

And maybe as good an example of this as any is a company called BetConstruct, one of the many online betting operations existing around the world. BetConstruct doesn’t affect Vegas right now because of our country’s incredibly naïve and primitive view of the gaming industry, still perceived to be sinister and corrupt.

Meanwhile globally, gambling is embraced. Online poker, slots, table games, sports betting, presidential elections, the royal family – almost anything can we wagered on. While we live in the virtual, it’s sobering to see just how far advanced this industry is globally and how we are missing the boat financially.

BetConstruct operates out of Armenia and Malta. I don’t know if many of us have been to those places in Eastern Europe, but if you see this betting operation, you would think home base is Silicon Valley.

When I spoke with Anahit Grigoryan, sales manager for BetConstruct, there were 107 live sporting events going on around the globe. The betting was brisk and on large TV monitors for all to see.

“We have more than 10 years history,” Grigoryan said. “Our technical developers are in Armenia. We have clients from Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia. None from the USA.”

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling in Armenia, a small Christian nation surrounded by mountains and located near Georgia, Turkey and Azurbaijan.

BetConstruct develops, provides and manages a complete range of products for online and land-based gaming companies. While specializing in sports books, the product range also includes poker, skill and casino games.

“I like Las Vegas but would never leave Armenia,” Grigoryan said. “I am a patriot. There are a lot of freedoms here in Las Vegas but I would never think of leaving my country. And even though I find this business interesting, I don’t gamble and have no need to.”

And as for betting on politics, the 2016 U.S. presidential election leads the way with 56 possible candidates listed on the Bet board.

“Hillary Clinton is the favorite,” Grigoryan said. “My company is competitive and affordable to those who bet with us.”

The most popular sport to no surprise is soccer with Spain’s, Great Britain’s and Germany’s leagues drawing the most interest.

“My country likes the challenge of sports betting,” Grigoryan said. “I’m glad to be able to show people here what we do.”

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Reach him at [email protected].

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