Gaming companies to bid for N.Y. casino licenses

Oct 14, 2013 7:04 PM

When it comes to influencing lawmakers, there always seems to be plenty of money around. Take New York State. Common Cause reportedly has found $3.3 million in campaign contributions to Albany lawmakers from 2011 to July of this year.

No wonder the wording of the constitutional amendment was changed to “spin” the benefits that would accrue should the voters approve as many as seven new casino licenses in the state.

Up to now, only tribal casinos are permitted in New York. But, with legislation approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the race will be on for the country’s largest gaming companies to put in their bids for licenses.

A recent editorial in the New York Daily News newspaper called the changed referendum language “perverting the constitutional amendment process” and “trying to rig the vote.”

Ray Poirier is the longtime executive editor at GamingToday.

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