Japan's rush toward casino gambling may be slowed

Nov 18, 2013 10:55 AM

A recent surge in Japan’s casino gambling movement hit a stone wall over the weekend as a coalition partner of Price Minister Shinzo Abe indicated a lack of consensus on the timing for submitting a bill this year.

For many who have watched a strong increase in tourism, as well as gambling revenues, reported by the self-reliant Chinese City of Macau, Japan’s move toward permitting casino gambling would likewise boost tourism.

Last week, a cross-party group of lawmakers suggested filing a bill in the Japanese Diet to legalize casino gambling before the session ends on Dec. 6. The political move generated  immediate reaction from both Asian and American gaming companies who would jump at the chance of participating in gambling in that country.

But, Natsuo Yamaguchi, leader of the New Komeito Party, was quoted by Bloomberg News as saying, “I don’t necessarily think we will reach consensus on submitting the bill to the current session and moving forward with it in the limited time we have.”

The development of “integrated resorts,” or essentially what Macau gambling companies are now building on the Cotai Strip, is the goal of casino gambling supporters.

The Union Gaming Group has estimated that gambling revenues in Japan could exceed those of Nevada and make it the world’s second biggest producer behind Macau.    

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