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Poker players starting to receive Full Tilt refunds

Mar 3, 2014 11:42 AM

It has taken more than three years but many of the poker players involved in the Full Tilt debacle are receiving the money that has been frozen by the Department Justice, according to an announcement from the Poker Players Alliance (PPA).

“Today, an estimated 30,000 American online poker players are finally receiving up to $80 million in funds that have been held in their frozen Full Tilt Poker accounts for years,” said a PPA statement. 

“As we approach the three-year anniversary of Black Friday, this is a long time coming for the player community and we are pleased that in coordination with Garden City Group, the DOJ has acted in the best interests of players to ensure that 100 percent of undisputed claims are being returned into the rightful hands of the players,” read the statement.

But, not all players are receiving their refunds. The PPA said it is working to help those players whose reimbursements are being withheld because of disputes.

“Unfortunately,” wrote the PPA, “there are still several thousand Americans whose remissions have not been resolved and are still waiting for information on their reimbursements. We will continue to work with the DOJ to clarify the process for resolving these disputed claims and ensure every last player is refunded.”

The refunds couldn’t come at a better time for the company’s involved in online poker. The states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have online poker sites that should benefit from a major cash infusion from those players receiving refunds from the DOJ.

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