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NGCB files complaint against Klondike Sunset Casino

Mar 31, 2014 9:04 PM

Maybe the House doesn’t always win. Seemed that way Monday morning when the Nevada Gaming Control Board filed an eight-count complaint against the Klondike Sunset Casino on West Sunset Road in Henderson charging that the property sometimes failed to maintain a minimum bankroll.

The board said the property owner, Ellen Woodrum, agreed to file a weekly report showing the amount of cash on hand. In the agreement, the casino will be subject to a suspension of its license for one week if there is a second violation and a 30-day suspension if there is a third violation.

Should the casino go 12 months without any new violations, the weekly cash reports will be eliminated.

The complaint charged that the casino in February, 2013, was found to be some $25,706 short of the stated minimum bankroll.

Ray Poirier is the longtime executive editor at GamingToday.

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