Hot Pursuit revs up video poker

Dec 8, 2009 5:08 PM

The trend of group or community play in slots continues and now the concept has been applied to video poker machines.

IGT’s new Hot Pursuit Poker is based on the Triple Play and Five Play poker games, but features a community bonus that all players at the carousel can participate in.

True to its name, the Hot Pursuit bonus is triggered when a player catches three-of-a-kind, or "trips." Each three-of-a-kind is worth a lap in the bonus round.

The Racing for Trips bonus is similar to Spin Poker. It is displayed on a huge 70-inch overhead display, so all players can share in the excitement.

During the qualifying base game, each player winning a trip is awarded a lap. Progress is designated by moving their assigned car on the overhead "leader board" to the Lap 1, Lap 2 or Lap 3 category.

The anticipation builds as track sound effects alert the entire community who is qualifying and with how many laps.

The initiating player spins the cards to reveal the start of three premium hands – one each on a horizontal pay line. Players with one three-of-a-kind get to play the bottom pay line. Players with two three-of-a-kinds get to play the bottom and middle pay lines. The player who has triggered the bonus game gets to play all three pay lines.

Once the draw is complete, the results display, the players are awarded according to the bonus table and the base game continues until the next race.