A different Kershaw was in Vegas in '85

Oct 6, 2015 3:00 AM

On this date 30 years ago there was also a Kershaw who was prominent in October, only his name wasn’t Clayton, he wore Dodger Blue and his out pitch was Louisiana Cajun.

No, it was Doug Kershaw and his Bayou brand of music that were headlining at the Golden Nugget downtown. GT described the Ragin Cajun as “one who built his reputation as a hardcore Bayou bandit whose wizardry on the electric fiddle is nothing short of other-worldly.”

My favorite Kershaw song was “Louisiana Man.” Doug was part of Showcase ’85 in the Nugget’s Celebrity Room.

Sports Form (GT’s name back in 1985) was 40 pages and also featured a listing of the Bookies Battle. There were 28 race and sports managers represented with John Laurice of the El Rancho owning the best record at 34-20. Laurice had a 12-2 mark against the spread the previous week. Not too shabby.

Among the Battle competitors were Scotty Schettler (Stardust), Art Manteris (Caesars Palace) and Sonny Reisner (Castaways). Thanks to them for making Bookies Battle the tradition it has become to this day.

Encore: It was noted in the Battle write-up (p. 40) that the Washington Redskins were “the one team that will have everyone puzzled.” And RG III wasn’t even around then.

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Twitter: @MarkMayerGT Email: [email protected]