Tourism volume benefits from September surge

Nov 2, 2015 4:15 PM

Southern Nevada visitation rose 6 percent in September to 3.5 million for the month. It was the biggest monthly increase this year and the largest since January 2014 when the visitor volume surged 8.2 percent.

The increase was aided in large part by calendar changes such as most of the Labor Day weekend holiday falling in September instead of August as it did last year, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Another factor was the Life is Beautiful celebration moving from October to September.

Convention attendance also increased in September, the LVCVA reported. Attendance at the 1,722 September shows was up 23.9 percent to more than 470,000 for the month. Most of that growth was the result of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute with 45,000 attending and the National Recreation and Park Association, which drew 8,500 people to Las Vegas after meeting elsewhere last year.

With three quarters of the year complete, visitation volume is trending 2.4 percent above the same period last year, a figure that puts Southern Nevada on track for another record year.

Phil Hevener has been writing about the Nevada gaming business for more than 30 years. Email: [email protected].