October casino revenue dips in Atlantic City

Nov 16, 2015 11:03 AM

Atlantic City’s eight casinos won $204.5 million during October, 1.3 percent less than the same period year ago, according to figures from the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Internet gambling remained a bright spot with another healthy increase. The casinos’ online gambling operations won $12.9 million from gamblers in October, compared with $9.5 million in October 2014, an increase of 35.6 percent.

For the first 10 months of this year, the casinos have won $2.16 billion, down 7.7 percent from the same period last year.

Resorts had the biggest monthly gain compared with October 2014, up 21 percent to $14.8 million.

Golden Nugget’s revenue was up 10.6 percent to $17.6 million, the Borgata was up 10.5 percent to $61.1 million, and the Tropicana was up 4.4 percent to $24.6 million.

Caesars’ revenue was down 25.2 percent to $22.6 million in October, compared with $30.2 million a year ago; the Trump Taj Mahal was down 18.7 percent to $13.6 million; Harrah’s was down 9.8 percent to $29.1 million, and Bally’s was down 2.6 percent to just over $17 million.

The casinos brought in $141 million at slots in October, a decline of just under 1 percent. They brought in an additional $50.5 million at table games, down 8.8 percent from a year ago. Those combined figures would have seen the casinos’ revenue decline by 3.1 percent, had it not been for the bounce they got from Internet gambling, which brought the overall revenue decline to 1.3 percent in October.

So far this year, the casinos have won $121.6 million online – almost exactly what they won in all of 2014.

Phil Hevener has been writing about the Nevada gaming business for more than 30 years. Email: [email protected].