Banyan debuts next generation of hi-tech slots

Nov 20, 2015 11:26 AM

Banyan Gaming of Pompano Beach, Fla., announces an evolution in slots with the most powerful array of assets in the history of gaming technology. The new Distributed content and networked gaming system will allow casinos to make regulatory-approved changes instantaneously, analyze player behavior and produce powerful analytics to increase efficiency, all from a central location.

“This is literally a game changer,” said Jason Seelig, President of Banyan Gaming. “It is an evolution in slot technology, how slots are managed on the floor, and how games are delivered.”

Banyan maintains an abundant library of unique gaming content featuring high definition graphics. The current Banyan platform has 18 approved themes and another 12 preparing for release.  Also in the works for early 2016 is a multi-level, multi-site mystery progressive and community gaming concept.  Gaming content is delivered on a distributed network gaming system that is approved to the GLI 21 and 11 standards. The system has the capacity to deliver millions of transactions per second.

The platform comes equipped standard with the Content Management and Scorecard modules which allow casinos to provide the customer with a better gaming experience, which equates to increased revenue.   If a game is not performing well, Managers can almost instantaneously change the game theme and make other regulatory-approved changes from a central location.

“Over the last 20 years we’ve analyzed every aspect of slot play and developed the technology to make it more beneficial for the customer,” explained Seelig. “We increased the flexibility and expanded the content so that casinos could really tailor the product to the players on the floor at any given time. In addition, the analytics tools are second to none.  You’ll know more of how your customer wants to play than ever before.”

The slot machines provide an unprecedented array of tools and analytics previously unavailable in the gaming industry. The hi-tech slot machines provide key indicators to allow operators to know how customers are playing their machines. The Banyan back office system allows casinos to present a gaming experience to the players the way the players want to play.

An added benefit of having a Distributed gaming platform is that minimal staff is required to execute slot machine conversions, platform upgrades or revocations, which allows staff to accommodate other customer needs with no business lost due to machine downtime. Problem solving also couldn’t be quicker or easier from that same location.

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