New investors resurrect the Moulin Rouge Las Vegas

Mar 3, 2016 10:36 AM

After months of speculation and thirteen years after the original structure burned to the ground, Scott Johnson, President of the Moulin Rouge Holdings LLC announced the rise of the new Moulin Rouge Las Vegas. Working with Resource Transition Consultants, the receiving company of record, the first phase of construction, consisting of demolition and asbestos abatement, will begin this spring. Once completed, the $500 million deal could potentially make Johnson the only African American man in the state of Nevada with a gaming license since Don Barden. Barden owned the Fitzgerald Hotel & Casino in 2001, which later became the D Hotel, in downtown Las Vegas.

Johnson, whose family has a 56-year history of construction projects and small businesses on Las Vegas’ Westside, frequently met with community leaders, local pastors, and politicians to gain important support. 

“Without question, we recognize the efforts of many who have fought for years in an attempt to bring back the Moulin Rouge. We especially appreciate the work and unwavering dedication that Katherine Duncan and the Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce have shown. But now moving forward, I am honored to carry the torch representing a new breed of developers with a renewed passion for the historical importance of this project,” says Johnson.

Renowned Las Vegas Architect Edward A. Vance, FAIA, will continue on as the architect for the Moulin Rouge Hotel & Casino. For nearly three decades Mr. Vance has been designing world-class global destinations for the hospitality industry.

The Moulin Rouge, which opened to standing room only crowds in May 1955, was the creation of a group of white businessman, led by Louis Rubin and Alexander Bisno. Famously billed as the only integrated casino in the U.S., the Rouge provided premier hotel accommodations for African American entertainers who were not allowed lodging on The Strip.

Project spokesperson, China Hudson, says, the “Moulin Rouge Revival” groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for May 2016 and will be true to the spirit of The Rouge. “The Rouge is the re-birth of our history so it is imperative that we maintain its historical integrity, relevance and ties to the community,” said Hudson. Hudson has been a staple in Las Vegas Valley for over 15 years as a Community Organizer, Educator, and Performing Artist.

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