Macau smoking ban due for further study

August 08, 2016 5:00 PM


Macau’s legislators are set to resume discussions on the proposed casino smoking ban in late October, according to local news reports.

The Assembly’s working committee, which has been tasked with forming the legislation, is reportedly awaiting response from the government concerning the bill.

This response is expected to come after the two-month summer recess..
Earlier this year, Macau’s Legislative Assembly voted in favor of smoking lounges instead of a total smoking ban in the city’s gaming venues.

According to the chairman of the Legislative Assembly sub-committee, Chan Chak Mo, only two members of the committee supported the full smoking ban in the casinos. The other seven members favored smoking lounges as long as there could be assurance smoke could be contained in the lounges.

The full smoking ban bill, which passed its first reading the Legislative Assembly this year, proposes to prohibit smoking inside all casinos.

Bernstein analysts said in a note to investors that they see a limited risk of a full smoking ban in the medium term given the current gaming difficult market conditions