Behold the new Hollywood Casino

Behold the new Hollywood Casino

September 27, 2016 3:00 AM


The new Hollywood Park Casino (HPC), located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport in Inglewood, California, provides a unique gaming experience that embraces the future but also honors its historic past.

Close to Beverly Hills, the beach areas and West Los Angeles, HPC has always had its fair share of celebrity poker players, but the new casino is a glamorous addition to the Los Angeles poker scene where everyone is treated like a VIP.

Los Angeles now has a Las-Vegas-style casino that is just the first phase of the multi-billion-dollar City of Champions Revitalization Project. The design looks to me like they took the best of the Wynn and Aria to create a gaming experience to rival any casino in the world.

You can bet on horse racing or wine and dine with your friends or significant other while overlooking the action on the swank casino gaming floor. The casino has two racebooks, one being a very upscale experience specially designed for serious bettors.

In 2019 the Los Angeles Rams will play in a new $1.86-billion stadium being constructed next-door, making it the most expensive stadium in the world. The Super Bowl is scheduled to be played in this spectacular setting in 2022.

The development also includes a man-made five-acre lake called Lake Park that will be surrounded by high-end residential areas, hotels plus retail establishments, which will keep the excitement on going well into the next decade.

All of this new development is adjacent to the newly-remodeled Forum, which already features world-class concerts and events nightly, making the Hollywood Park area a must-see destination.

Can you imagine a weekend with three concert venues all attracting 100,000 concert goers between the Forum and the other planned concert facilities? This is a poker player’s dream come true.

Players follow the action and the money. In Southern California all roads lead to Hollywood Park Casino.

According to Forbes, the value of the Los Angeles Rams increased from $1.4 billion to $2.9 billion since their return to Los Angeles. The money will be flowing into this area in the near future.

This is the future of Hollywood Park Casino. Frankly, I don’t think 125 gaming tables featuring blackjack, poker and baccarat can handle that much action. I could easily see this casino doubling in size in a few years.

That’s a nice problem to have.

I remember a very different poker scene in Los Angeles when I arrived over 30 years ago.

I first started my career in poker management in Gardena. I managed four of the six card rooms in the area. These rooms were nothing like the card rooms of today; these rooms were full of smoke and shady characters who would deal the cards themselves.

There were no professional dealers at this time, and some players could deal much better than others (if you know what I mean).

This little city on the westside of town became the poker capital of the world. This was before the Bicycle Club and Commerce Casino became the biggest card rooms in the world moving the poker universe east.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that thirty years later I would see the westside become the place to play poker again.

Come see the future of poker at Hollywood Park Casino. You won’t want to play anywhere else.

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