Informants work both sides of the line

Informants work both sides of the line

December 13, 2016 3:00 AM


It’s the 70s and the Feds are determined to bring down an ongoing skimming operation involving The Stardust that’s known to just about everyone in Las Vegas. They have the bad guys just where they need them to be to bust this operation up. What headlines this will make for the Department.

After well over a year’s snooping and surveillance and they have it solved. Organized Crime bosses in Chicago and especially Kansas City are set up for the big bust. The Las Vegas operation involved thousands of patient and expensive man hours.

They rented an apartment next to one of the main subjects. Through their eavesdropping on the goings on in there together with the phone taps and an informant they’re ready to swoop down on this ongoing million dollar skim.

It’s all set up. The Feds have the routine down pat and all that’s left is the big bust and gloat over the headlines. They know every Friday night a man delivers a bag of money to another man waiting in a car in the parking lot of a grocery store on Tropicana Ave. The bag ends up in Kansas City for divvying up.

There’s a small problem with the plan. Two can play the snoop game. The skimmers have their very own informant and they’re not only wise to the Feds game plan they go along with it.

It’s the long awaited Friday night. The car in the grocery store parking lot is there and under the excellent undercover eye of the good guys. The guy with the brown paper bag arrives, hands it over to the guy waiting car. Bingo and the Feds swoop in and grab the bad guys and the brown paper bag.

Finally all the months and months of extra careful police work will pay off. They anxiously look in the brown paper bag to check the loot but guess what? The bag contains a dozen and a half of Italian cookies. Like I said two can play the informant game.

That was a black eye on the Department for a while. Many decades have since passed and I heard the episode is now considered as humorous among the new agents. Take care, Scotty.

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