Mohegan Sun Pocono officials being initiative to combat underage gambling

Apr 1, 2017 8:37 AM

Mohegan Sun Pocono officials in Pennsylvania have begun an initiative to combat underage gaming. The changes follow a $70,000 fine by state gambling regulators for five separate incidents last year when people under 21 were illegally on the gaming floor.

The casino has reduced the amount of entrances on the gaming floor from 14 to four to make it easier for employees to check patrons. The width of the entrances was reduced from 21 feet to 11 feet and the number of security officers at the entrances was increased, according to casino officials.

Previously, there was one security officer at a 21-foot-wide entrance. Now, there are two at an 11-foot-wide entrance. Casino officials also say they have re-trained the entire security team. Additionally, new identification card scanners have been recently installed.