Sweden's gambling industry may see major changes

Apr 1, 2017 8:41 AM

The results from a year-and-a-half long probe into Sweden’s gambling industry have now been made public and suggest major changes to that country’s gambling landscape could be forthcoming.

Commissioned by the Swedish government and led by the Lotteriinspektionen (Swedish Gambling Authority) Director General Håkan Hallstedt, the review recommends that the country end a current monopoly over online gambling and replace it with a more liberal licensing system. Interested international operators may soon be able to apply for licenses and if certain requirements are met, to obtain such licenses from the local gambling authority. 

Swedish media report that the gambling industry review suggests that an 18% tax on gross revenue be imposed on companies that participate in the country’s regulated markets. The proposed tax rate is higher than the 15% levy on gross gaming revenue the UK collects from operators, but less than Denmark’s tax rate of 20%.

If a new regulatory framework is instituted, all unlicensed iGaming operations provided within the country’s borders will be considered illegal and will be sanctioned heavily.