Seven mainland Chinese men allegedly involved in illegal betting worth $1.3M

Apr 15, 2017 8:21 AM

From Macau there are reports from GGR Asia that Macau’s Judiciary Police (PJ) have taken into custody seven mainland Chinese men regarding alleged involvement in what the police term illegal betting worth $1.3 million (US). Gamblers from Mainland China were reportedly using the social messaging service WeChat.

In a media briefing, police revealed that the suspects are alleged to have arranged for gamblers to place their bets on the results of some actual VIP baccarat games in the city’s casinos. 

According to the PJ, the placing of bets and the confirmation of game results were all communicated via WeChat text.

Judiciary Police spokesman Tam Weng Keong said, “According to the evidence we collected, we estimated that this gang had had, on average, at least 40 gamblers that placed bets with them on a daily basis. Through the messenger on mobile phones, they communicated with the gamblers from Mainland China and for each game gave them about 70 seconds to place the bets,” said

The seven mainland Chinese arrested were from Zhejiang province, Tam noted in the Thursday briefing, reports GGR Asia. The PJ noted that the case is still under investigation, adding it believed some suspects were still at large.