Paddy Power Betfair asks government for tighter regulations on FOBTs

Sep 27, 2017 9:29 AM

Major British gambling organization Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) has asked the government to stiffen regulations on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Paddy Power CEO Breon Corcoran said the government should limit stakes to £10 or less.

Writing to Tracey Crouch, the parliamentary under secretary of state for sport and civil society in advance of the government's proposed crackdown on gambling machines, Corcoran said the company had "become increasingly concerned that it (a soon-to-be-released government study of the issue) may fail to address the widespread unease of many stakeholders, causing the current uncertainty to persist."

Corcoran says that the issue had become so "toxic" that it required major action, reducing the maximum wager to just £10 or less.

PPB operates over 600 retail betting shops in Britain, and is just one of the bookmaking companies in the country who would be severely impacted by limiting wagering on the FOBT’s. Advocates of reducing the FOBT limits call the terminals the “crack cocaine” of gambling and are pushing for new government rules that would limit wagers and subsequent losses on the machines.