Houston social club now offering Omaha, Texas Hold 'Em poker

Sep 30, 2017 8:29 AM

A social club in north Houston is the latest venue in the state to legally offer the game in the state.

Aces Social Club now has “cards in the air” in Omaha and Texas Hold 'Em poker tournaments. Membership director Tricia Helford said card games such as Omaha Hold 'Em and Texas Hold 'Em are games of skill and not luck.

Aces Social Club is a card establishment only and does not have any advantage over players and the winning player keeps the entire pot, according to club officials. It’s considered to be legal under Texas law because players earn the winnings on the game and all of the players have the same advantage and play in a private location.

There is no rake from the games and players must be members of the private club, according to state law.

The house earns money from seat rentals, amenity and membership fees, which start from $10 a week and $120 a year. No alcohol is served at Aces Social Club, however, members can bring in their own alcohol. The club furnishes the dealer and the playing cards for each table.