Bill overhauling Penn. gambling laws awaits Gov. Wolf's decision

Oct 27, 2017 9:19 AM

The massive bill overhauling Pennsylvania’s gambling laws now awaits the signature or veto of Gov. Tom Wolf after it’s approval Wednesday night by the State Senate. (Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill on Monday Oct 30, 2017)

The revision of the 13-year-old gambling law that initially legalized casino wagering would create 10 mini-casinos and allow some truck stops to operate video gaming terminals and let airport passengers gamble on tablets. It would legalize online gambling from any computer, phone or tablet in the state. It would permit the state lottery to sell tickets online. It would legalize fantasy sports and other forms of sports wagering, should federal prohibition be removed.

Additionally, the bill also would restore a share tax casinos had paid to municipalities with gambling houses and nearby communities.

Gambling in Pennsylvania now represents a $3 billion industry in the state.