Floyd Mayweather Jr. partnering with Wild Poker creators

Nov 23, 2017 8:40 AM

Undefeated boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (50-0) will be making a bit more with the announcement by ONE Entertainment that he’s partnering with the makers of the social casino adventure game Wild Poker, by Hero Digital Entertainment and Playtrex.

Playtrex is a developer of next generation social casino games. Hero Digital Entertainment is a mobile games publisher.

Mayweather said in a media release, "As soon as I saw Wild Poker, I knew I wanted to become part of it. I'm constantly asked to put my name on stuff, but Wild Poker is different than any game I've ever seen. It's poker, but it goes to the next level.”

Wild Poker is a social casino adventure game that offers Texas Hold'em with a unique addition. On top of the regular card game, Wild Poker adds elements of strategy and adventure such as real-time decision-making, power-ups, journey, character development and more to increase the fun and overall exhilaration factor.

Mayweather, 40, will be integrated into the game both as a character and as a presenter, introducing new hands and offering players tips on how to play the game successfully. He will also appear as one of the poker players, allowing gamers to choose to play their hands as Floyd Mayweather and take advantage of his special skills.

Details of the Las Vegas resident’s deal were not released but industry observers believe it tops six figures with incentives for marketing success.