Don’t miss out, join the Casino Collectibles club

Don’t miss out, join the Casino Collectibles club

December 05, 2017 3:00 AM


In 2001, when Christine (wife) and I joined the Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club Inc., now known as the CCA, Casino Collectors Association, our membership numbers were 5087 and 5087-A. I assumed there were 5,000 members already in the club; but, I was mistaken. I learned there were only 3,000 active members and I wondered how that could be.

Now, after more than 16 years, our latest club membership number stands at 8800. But if you think that means there are 8,800 members, you are mistaken. There are now approximately only 1,700 active members… so, what’s going on?

If you embarked upon membership in such a fascinating hobby as collecting casino memorabilia, what could happen that you no longer maintained your membership? Was it loss of resources or loss of life or what?

The answer is: the economy, the internet, aging, and the interests of our population and growing isolation. We live in our apartments, houses, etc., and merge our lives with others less and less.

Why bother to get yourself out of your easy chair and away from your television or computer? Why go to a meeting or send in a membership fee when you can push a couple of buttons and there you are – instant, semi-anonymous gratification! Buy, sell and never even meet your opposite number!

But, is that all there is? What am I missing? The answer is The Human Equation. The solution is to get out of our easy chair and away from our computer and join a club! Meet others with like interests, share the collecting experience, learn what others are collecting, shake their hands, see their collections live and in person.

Experience the warmth of the Human Interchange and engage with other collectors. It can be rewarding and humbling and enjoyable and you might just learn something, too!

In 2018, this column will explore items of interest in collecting casino memorabilia, focusing on niches in the hobby.