Delaware may beat N.J. to legalized single-team sports wagering

Dec 28, 2017 9:09 AM

Speculation has arisen that Delaware could beat New Jersey to the punch when it comes to legalized single-team sports wagering should the U.S. Supreme Court allow sports betting nationally.

The high court is currently considering New Jersey’s appeal in its challenge to the federal law that bans the practice everywhere except Nevada.

Delaware now can legally offer sports wagering, but wagers are limited to parlays (multi-game betting) on pro football only.

Reports have emerged noting that Delaware is now putting together a plan to offer wagering on all professional and out-of-state college sports, including single-game and prop bets, soon after a court decision, perhaps in weeks if a favorable outcome is rendered. A decision is expected by June.

“If we can get to market faster than some of our neighbors there could be some real upside,” state finance director Rick Geisenberger said. “We’re working to roll it out as quickly as possible.”