Online casino operators in Great Britain ordered to review policies

Jan 8, 2018 9:50 AM

In Great Britain, a letter has been sent to all online casino operators ordering them to review their policies on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Online casinos account for about one third of the British gambling market.

The Gambling Commission as a result of concerns about preventing money laundering is currently investigating seventeen online casino operators. Five operators could face a formal license review, the commission said, after it made findings of a “serious nature” into how such organizations are meeting their social responsibilities.

The letter states that they must guarantee its staff is appropriately trained in the law. The letter also advises operators to carry out risk assessments, including monitoring and risk profiling of customers.

Sarah Harrison, chief executive of the Gambling Commission, said: “It is vital that the gambling industry takes its duty to protect consumers and keep crime out of gambling seriously.