Silver Strikes meant for collecting

Silver Strikes meant for collecting

March 06, 2018 3:00 AM


Hello readers. The word this week is Silver Strikes.

You could put SS in the same category as Beanie Babies and Japanese decorative plates. But not if you value your life should you run into a Silver Striker!

SS are very nice to look at and have some intrinsic value based upon the value of silver. The problem comes in when you consider they were created as a collectible. Nothing in this world bothers your author more than items that were meant to be a collectible from the very beginning.

Yes, unlike everything we have discussed so far in this column, the very reason Silver Strikes exist is to become a collectible. Of course they have value, and yes, they are in some cases spectacular to look at. But when you get down to it they exist only because they were created to be collected.

Therein lies the rub with most of these kinds of collectibles and therein lies the problem, because as the price of silver went up and the difficulty of maintaining Silver Strike machines became onerous to the casinos down went the fortunes of the Silver Strike collectors.

That is not to say there are not a reasonable number of folks who continue to collect them. And they can and often do stage mini-come backs in popularity, but the facts remain.

In recent weeks there have been rumors a number of casinos are considering reinstalling Silver Strike machines as the technology of maintaining them has improved. Interestingly enough Silver Strikes are won by placing your hard earned money into a slot machine that can belch them out. But you don’t get an SS on every push of the button so when you get lucky you really did get lucky! They are a good source of income for the few casinos that still have them.

The Four Queens in downtown Las Vegas is one of those casinos, and they even have a Silver Strike tournament in which you push buttons till your fingers tire out and the winner gets a several hundred dollar value Silver Strike. Go Figure!

Accompanying the column are photos of some of the nicest Strikes around.

Next time around I’ll discuss what are considered the Rolls Royce of casino collectibles – Plaques! If you don’t know what they are you won’t want to miss my next column.