Lottery games remain big business in Florida

Mar 15, 2018 9:25 AM

Lottery games remain big business in the Sunshine State where the Florida Lottery has smashed the U.S. record for single-week sales of instant games for the week ending March 4, 2018.

Floridians purchased $123,841,686 in "scratch-offs", generating more than $23 million in contributions to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, benefiting students in Florida.

According to Scientific Games, Florida’s major instant game supplier, the state is now ranked No. 4 worldwide for total instant game sales. The Florida Lottery also experienced its best overall sales week of the fiscal year with $167,620,057 in total sales (instant and other games), with a total of approximately $40 million benefitting education in the state.

A year ago, the Florida Lottery surpassed the U.S. record with more than $105.2 million in weekly instant game sales the week ending March 5, 2017, which was topped by the California Lottery the last week of December 2017 with $112.1 million in weekly "scratcher" sales.