SLS to focus on Hispanic market

Apr 24, 2018 3:00 AM

In a rare interview with the Los Angeles Times, Alex Meruelo, the new owner of the SLS Las Vegas, says he will reach out to the underserved Hispanic community as a path toward making the property successful.

Meruelo, 55, told the Times’ James Rufus Koren, he’s betting on this untapped market as he has done in the past in other business endeavors, including a Los Angeles television station and a bank, to create what is now a massive and enormously valuable business empire.

Known for decades as The Sahara, The SLS Las Vegas has struggled for profitability in recent years without success.

Meruelo, who also owns the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, told Koren, “In my opinion, the Hispanic market has been underserved in Vegas and Reno. That doesn’t mean I’m only going to focus on the Hispanic market. I am Hispanic and I’m very proud of that, but that’s just one more underserved market we plan to go after.”