Move to allow Louisiana riverboats ashore progresses to House

May 5, 2018 9:05 AM

The move in Louisiana to allow the 15 riverboats operating in the state to move ashore is progressing with a House committee sending the Senate gambling bill to the full House late last week.

The new laws would permit the riverboat casinos to move off the water to within 1,200 feet of their current berths. It would also eliminate the need for operating a motor-driven paddle wheel, still required even though the boats no longer left their berths.

The House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice voted 10-4 to approve the bill. It passed the Senate earlier with a 22-14 vote.

Sponsoring legislators says the move isn’t an expansion of gambling but, rather, modernization of operations. They say gambling revenues of over $900 million in Louisiana supplanted oil and gas revenues of $581 million last year.