Pot testing at work declining, experts say

May 5, 2018 9:11 AM

A tightening labor market has forced a widening variety of companies to no longer test current and prospective hires for marijuana usage. Among them is Las Vegas-based Caesars Entertainment Corp., according to the Associated Press (AP). A Caesars spokesperson told the AP that the testing is no longer being done, except for transportation workers.

Marijuana testing, long a standard practice at large American employers is excluding too many potential workers, according to experts.

More states, including Nevada, have recently legalized recreational pot use and more are expected to do so. In November, Michigan could become the 10th allowing it and Missouri appears ready to become the 30th state to allow medical use in the near future.

Medical marijuana users in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have won lawsuits in the past year against companies that rescinded job offers or fired workers because of positive tests for marijuana.

Industry observers note that in Nevada a number of companies have dropped pot testing, but are hesitant to announce or publicize it.