New York state sports betting plans, picture: It’s a bit complicated

New York state sports betting plans, picture: It’s a bit complicated

May 23, 2018 10:35 AM


Last Monday’s Supreme Court decision lifting the 1992 federal ban on sport betting outside Nevada has sent more than two dozen states into a race to decide how or if to introduce legal, regulated sport betting. Some states are starting the car, others pressing the gas, others yielding with caution, more likely to get on the ramp in 2019.

The possibility of New York sports betting in 2018 is murky, with some lawmakers optimistic, others apparently frustrated, and Governor Andrew Cuomo casting doubt. But there was a significant development Monday, which might light a fire under the legislature’s tail to get something done: the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) is moving forward with the crafting of NY sports betting regulations that would impact only the four commercial casinos in the state.

“Commission staff have long been working on regulations that would effectuate sports gambling under the existing statutory language,” Ron Ochrym, acting executive director of the state Gaming Commission told commissioners at a Monday meeting Manhattan, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. “Staff anticipates being able to provide a draft for your review in the near term.”

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