Casinos in Japan?

Casinos in Japan?

July 05, 2018 9:56 AM


Will there be Japanese casinos, billion dollar centers of fun and games?

The issue appears headed for a vote in the upper house of the country’s legislature or Diet about July 20, according to MGM Executive Vice President Alan Feldman, who has been piling up the frequent flier miles traveling between Las Vegas and the action across the Pacific.

If the casino issue emerges from legislative action in good shape later this month, the next step may involve cities asking companies to submit proposals, but there is so much that could change as the back room lobbying by assorted interests surges this way and that.

There are a number of large operators – five of them with a current Las Vegas presence, known to have an active interest in Japan. Besides MGM some of those include the Sands, Caesars, Wynn, Hard Rock and Galaxy. Others may become visible as the issue advances.

The thing to remember: this issue is generating much attention from every corner of the world since Japan qualifies as one of the last travel destinations with worldwide appeal.