Indiana poll reflects mixed feelings on sports betting

Indiana poll reflects mixed feelings on sports betting

February 09, 2019 6:27 AM


With state lawmakers studying whether or not to legalize sports betting in Indiana, voters recently polled weren’t entirely sold on the concept.

In a poll conducted by IUPUI’s Sports Innovation Institute with research firm Qualtrics, found that 46 percent of individuals say Indiana should legalize sports gambling. The rest of the respondents were split, with 28 percent saying sports wagering shouldn’t be legalized and 26 percent saying they didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion. 

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, a majority of respondents in the IUPUI poll were not sports gamblers. In fact, nearly 63 percent said they had never placed a bet on a sporting event, while about 32 percent said they had.

Those surveyed were divided about what sports should be open for betting. About one third said wagering should be limited to only professional sports, while 23 percent would be OK with betting on professional and college sports. Another 23 percent said neither should be available for wagering, while 20 percent of respondents said they didn’t know or had no opinion

There was more consensus about who should regulate sports gambling, with nearly 52 percent of those surveyed saying states should control wagering versus less than 13 percent who said the federal government should be responsible for overseeing it.

Integrity was also part of the poll and 44 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that legalizing sports gambling could create a addiction problems—and 43 percent said it would lead to cheating or fixing of games.

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