Aria's slots

Dec 29, 2009 5:02 PM

The opening of ARIA at MGM MIRAGE’s CityCenter last week marked the debut of the most technologically advanced casino floor in the world.

The ARIA casino floor features a server network and operating systems from International Game Technology (IGT), which allows the casino to more effectively deliver slot and electronic games as well as unique applications and services to the player – right at the individual slot machines.

"At CityCenter, we are pleased to offer our players the personalization, customization and choices that (IGT’s) sbX and the Service Window provide," said Bill McBeath, president and chief operating officer of ARIA Resort & Casino.

IGT’s sbX Service Window provides a unique player interaction experience, right at the slot machine. When a player inserts his player’s club card, a special "window" slides the game screen over, providing a menu of information and services that the player and operator can customize, all designed to improve the player experience.

From the player’s perspective, he can choose the games he or she wants to play, experience better communication with the casino and tap into new experiences, such as contests, games, promotions and the like – all through the slot machine.

For the casino operator, it can with the touch of a button, cater to a particular demographic by reconfiguring the slot floor with different sets of games, game denominations and even the payback percentages of games.

"SbX is four years in the making and it’s just what we wanted it to be," said Eric Tom, executive vice president of North American sales and marketing for IGT. "Our customers have more choices than ever in how they operate a casino floor."

Tom added that the industry’s first server-based gaming application allows casino operators to run their casino floors how they want, with the games they want and the player interaction they want – all with the potential of lower operating costs, improved efficiency and more satisfied players.

"It’s truly a game changer," said Patti Hart, IGT president and CEO. "What was once a multi-year decision for a casino operator is now a 15-second decision.

"Before, an operator had to make a long-term commitment to a game purchase. With sbX, the operator can now have a machine with an entire library of games tied to it – allowing them unmatched flexibility for game mix decisions."