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‘Fever’ gives Monti case of deja vu

Jun 22, 2004 1:52 AM

I saw me the other night and it was déjà vu. "Saturday Night Fever’s" debut at the Sahara sure brought back some fond memories of insane times when I was featured in the hit movie of the same name and had a million selling-plus albums as Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes. Those who’ve met me since I arrived in Las Vegas might be shocked, but it’s true. Your GamingToday columnist was once a Hollywood god. Well, almost.

The Sahara road show production is sensational, even better than the Broadway version I saw last year. My favorite, naturally, is Shea Rafferty, who plays Monty the disc jockey. Shea has obviously studied The Rock because he’s got me down, maybe not like I am, but certainly like I wish I were. He’s got a tight body and looks great in booty shorts — kind of like a boyish Monti Rock!

Watching the show my emotions were running to the extreme from tears to laughter from trembling to joy. At times I felt that I was on stage; then I was shooting the movie. In some segments, it even felt like an out-of-the-body experience!

Later, the cast party was great as the players were so gracious, and so young and pretty.

"Saturday Night Fever" is high energy with a cast of talented and dynamic singers and dancers. They bring to life the spirit of a bygone era and the wonderful music of the Bee Gees. The show is directed and choreographed by Arlene Phillips, who also did the dance numbers for the film.

John Travolta’s Tony Manero is played with gusto by Tony Gonzalez and Stephanie Mangano, his dance contest partner, is the stunning Kristin Piro. Annette (Donna Pescow in the film) is emotionally portrayed by Clarissa Grace and Collin Rand is dynamic as Joey, Tony’s lost and shy friend.

The show has been touring the country for about a year, but is making the Sahara home for at least six months. Its venue is the old Steve Wyrick Theatre. The magician, now at the Aladdin, put a lot of his own money into it and the Sahara is now benefitting.

I would also suggest that the Sahara employees be given specific directions to the theater as we were told three different locations opening night.

Once you see the show, I’d rent the movie. It’s a classic and you’ll get to see my captivating performance!

"Ba Da Bing" has finally made it to a Strip hotel. The show departsDeserted Passage for the Stardust next month and will occupy the space of the defunct Tres Lobos Mexican restaurant.

In the it-was-bound-to-happen department, an ABBA tribute band has joined the "Legends in Concert" lineup at the IP.

Grammy Award-winning singer Brian McKnight is the co-host of "The Vegas Show" with Sheena Easton that finally made it on the air this week. Though I’ve heard producer Rick Garson taking credit for the signing, wasn’t McKnight brought to Garson via King World? It seems that King World has been trying to get a co-hosting spot for the singer for sometime and the local program was the perfect opportunity for all concerned, especially for Garson, since King World is a big-time syndicator.

Though he’s making public appearances, hasn’t Siegfried Fischbacher been told not to make any comments about his partner Roy’s condition to the media so that it can all be said on Maria Shriver upcoming special?

Eagles founding member Don Henley skips the Strip for a solo performance at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm on July 24 for a reasonable $39.50 and $59.50.

Like most performers on a final concert tour, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme have decided "one last time" wasn’t enough, so they’ll be back at the Stardust in mid-September.