Best Way To Attack 15 Spot

February 07, 2017 3:10 AM


Starting the week, the 9-spot progressive at The Atlantis in Reno is over $1,270,000 and the 10-spot in MegaKeno is over $2 million. The Excalibur and El Cortez both have MegaKeno with the better pay table.

Today’s keno play suggestions will offer something to those who like to play 15-spot tickets. While the odds of hitting all 15 numbers are huge, if you hit a good amount of them you can still have a very nice payday.

The “Deano” special rate from The D has the highest return for low level play in Vegas. You can play ways at this rate for as low as 10 cents as long as you play at least 40 cents per game or $4 per ticket.

For 15-spot warriors, try grouping your ticket as 3-3-3-3-3. This gives you one 15-spot, five 12-spots, ten 9-spots, ten 6-spots, and five 3-spots for 31 ways. I will call this the Baskin Robbins Ticket.

At 10 cents a way playing all 31 ways it comes out to $3.10 per game. What is great about the Deano rate is they pay on all catches except those of 3- and 4-spots. Though 2- or 4-spots are the most common hit getting a few more or a few less is far from unusual.

If you hit nothing you get $4, which at 10 cents a way would be $1 for your dime for that way. Should you hit 12 spots of the 15 you would be paid $250. Not a huge amount but what do you expect for a dime? The beauty of this ticket is there are so many small pays, thus you get a lot of action. Hit a few of the groups solid and you do get a nice win plus they draw 15 balls for you.

In keno if you want to give up the minor pays for a solid 3 ($5) by not playing the 3s, your ticket cost goes down to $2.60 a game. Another way to cut down the cost is to just play the 6s and 9s looking for that solid hot and the 15 in case the numbers you catch are scattered over all the groups.

If you happen to hit something like 3-3-3-0-0 you have a solid 9 and 3 solid 6s along with a 9 out of 15. You would be paid if playing just the 6s, 9s, and the 15 (ticket cost $2.10) You would be paid $12.50 for the 9 of 15 at a dime a way, $3,000 for the solid 9, and $300 for each solid 6 ($900 total for 6s) giving you a pay of $3,912.50.

If anyone wants to get together at The D they have an excellent coffee shop close to the keno lounge where we can play in a non-smoking environment while enjoying a good meal (Dutch, of course). They have keno boards in the restaurant to follow the game!

Since I now live in Las Vegas, maybe our group should have an informal get together at one of the non-smoking keno lounge areas in town.

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