BYU reversal making me dizzy

Apr 26, 2011 6:00 AM

A few Sid Bits have arisen in the sports world recently.
First, the dismissal a few months ago of BYU’s Brandon Davies an exceptional athlete who, along with Jimmer Fredette, was leading the Cougars to great heights in the college basketball race to the Final Four.

Somehow it was revealed he was having premarital sex with his girlfriend (Arizona State volleyball player Danica Mendivil), which is a violation of the BYU honor code. He was immediately dismissed from the team, which is within BYU’s bylaws.

I can respect the penalty as the institution has every right to impose their character expectations. Now comes my confusion – Davies is preparing for next season’s basketball participation according to university officials.

How does one pay back for his behavior and become an active participant the following season? Do hours of community service enter into the penalty stage with him giving speeches to other students or, worse yet, to high school athletes? Is he forgiven by the administration six months later because he’s an exceptional rebounder and scorer on their basketball team? Does he promise not to do it again and become OK to play?

Many questions, few answers. I wish him a great junior
season, and hopefully BYU at least gets back to the Sweet 16.

Who owns Dodgers?

Again, a story that baffles me. Major League Baseball has taken over the Los Angeles Dodgers and installed their own personnel to run the team, apparently because owner Frank McCourt and wife are in an ugly divorce situation.

MLB feels McCourt is spending his money on expensive homes instead of cleanup hitters. What?! Does anyone know that half the marriages in this country end up in divorce court? This sets an interesting precedent for other business people throughout America.

Does the league have the authority to remove a man who led his team to the NL Championship round in both 2008 and 2009? Is it possible they have the power to curtail an owner’s spending? They apparently feel the Dodgers should have signed some free agents to help strengthen the club last winter.

If indeed this is their thinking, how have they excluded such perennial losing teams as Pittsburgh and Kansas City who have not even made a playoff appearance in so many years I can’t remember? Many other clubs fall into this category.

Talk about opening a can of worms. WOW! Incidentally, how about the Wall Street guys who gave out billions in bonus money and then borrowed billions in their bail out from our government? If you can understand this travesty, you’re a better man than me.

Ah, the heck with all this. I’d rather go out with my granddaughter and look for hidden Easter eggs. Have a great week.

P.S. Here are some teams that can’t score that you should use for your unders – Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego, Pittsburgh.

And some teams for your overs – KC (no kidding), Texas, Cincinnati, St. Louis.