Iskoe's MLB Baseball Handicapping Data

Sep 24, 2013 3:03 AM

The chart shows each pro baseball team’s wins, losses, net Profit or (Loss) for the 2013 season through last Sunday night. The Profit/(Loss) is based upon wagering to win $100 on a Favorite and based on wagering $100 to win a higher amount on an underdog. Also shown are each’s team’s results for OVERS, UNDERS and Pushes. Additionally, each team’s Quality Starts (QS) are shown. A team is credited with a QS whenever a starting pitcher goes at least 6 innings and allows 2 earned runs or less. Each team’s Home vs. Road breakdown is also shown together with the Average Runs For and Against at both Home and on the Road. 

Andy Iskoe, and his Logical Approach, provides his popular and unique handicapping statistics to Gaming Today readers and online visitors. He has been a long time GT columnist, contributing weekly in-season columns on baseball, pro basketball and pro football. Contact Andy at [email protected]

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