When it comes to MLB futures, I bet like a girl

Feb 28, 2017 3:01 AM

The other day I happened to notice an article in USA Today about a young boy who is six years old, has one arm, and is making headlines with the successful reign he’s having in baseball. Yes, he’s just six and he’s got one arm, but despite odds possibly being against him, there’s a very good chance he’ll continue his streak and become a successful player. I say this because he’s already showing signs of strength and he’s proven he’s able to stand outside from the crowd and do amazing things.

Of course, when it comes to predicting one’s future anything can happen. For all we know, this young man might give up the game and opt to move in another direction. Only based on what we know to date, there’s a good chance he’ll stay the course, right?

Betting on futures is a bit complicated, and the best of handicappers might tell you they know for sure this team or that team will make it to the final round but there are so many variables that are simply not known early in the season. Yet, very often you’ll hear from someone in October who will share a tweet with a copy of that winning ticket, who will have claimed to know all along, that this team was going to clinch the pennant or become World Series winners.

What should one look at when choosing a winning team with regards to futures? Should they do countless hours of homework, check out all the schedules, look to prior performance and then flip a coin? Truly, all of those things might be helpful and it’s good to do your homework, especially if you are going to risk lots of money on a bet. Only, in the end, when it comes to futures and betting this early in the year, it might be somewhat of a “crapshoot” because there are several teams that are contenders.

As I continue to learn about the “ins and outs” of sports betting, I find there are several methods for betting, and this holds true for baseball. Many professional handicappers like to place a money-line bet wherein they pick a winner or loser of an individual game. There are also totals, which I admit are my absolute favorite, and specified inning bets.

I like betting the Over when the predicted total is 8 runs, especially when it comes to Tigers games. Why? Because I have paid attention to these games and I enjoy watching them, and more often than not I’ve seen the total go above 8; and I root for runs. Even though I’m a diehard Tigers fan, I’m not as sad if they get beat bad, because I’ve won my bet.

Many will tell you not to bet on “your team” and I don’t necessarily agree with this strategy. I have heard people say they do not want to jinx their team, but truly it’s not as though any of us are that powerful. My preference is to bet totals and this way I do not feel I’ve bet against my team. I hate taking the Under but that’s just because I don’t like losing early on; and if the total goes over the predicted score, I’m sort of bummed early on and might not want to continue to watch the game.

Getting back to future bets and which team will win the World Series this year, I’m going to choose the Boston Red Sox. Ask me why, and I’ll tell you it’s just a hunch and that’s all it is. They are 5/1 or 6/1 at some places around Vegas, and honestly I did not even check the odds before I placed the bet. Sometimes, it’s okay to go with your gut, and leave your homework for individual games.

As crazy as it sounds, I want to have a reason to be happy when the Red Sox win. And, since they are my least favorite team (I grew up as a Mets fan, so besides the Yankees, I hate them the most) in a silly sort of way I now have a reason to root for them or at least be happy if they win.

It may sound a bit sexist if I say when it comes to futures I tend to “bet like a girl” but it’s also true. Women are thought to have strong intuitive guides and you’ll hear lots of folks say trust a woman’s intuition, so I will make no apology for using my intuitive guide when it comes to the future. This year, I’m going with the Red Sox to win it all, and proudly confess I bet like a girl.