So is it time to fade my ‘crazy eights’ strategy in MLB?

So is it time to fade my ‘crazy eights’ strategy in MLB?

April 20, 2017 11:35 AM


Sometimes you need to switch it up, when things do not seem to be working.  You can follow a streak, or hold out hope that things will turn around, but when it comes to betting, it might make sense to jump ship, rather than go with a losing strategy.  Pretty sure the experts call it, fade. 

So is it time to fade my ‘crazy eights’ strategy in MLB?  Should I begin to look into alternative strategies rather than stick with the ‘Over’ whenever the total is 8 on the Detroit Tigers’ games?  Well, let’s just say I have begun to pay very close attention to the players, who’s pitching, where the game’s at, etc.

Chances are I will still look to take the ‘Over’ but what about when it’s less than 8? 

One of the things I think makes most sense when it comes to betting on baseball, is to pay attention to the teams and consider who’s on the mound.  Tonight (Thursday) Detroit visits Tampa Bay and the books right now have 8 as the total.

Detroit’s bats failed to come up with key runs recently, and perhaps it’s wise to take a closer look at the pitching matchup, consider the home team advantage, and the overall transitional year the Tigers seem to be accepting.  Have they become comfortable with being less than their best?

The game will be at 1:10 pm EST and Daniel Norris has an ERA of 2.19 and a winning record of 1-0.  My gut tells me he might get the win, but that feeling happened after I read about his dedication to the game, his team, and his comfort playing in Tampa Bay.  So although I usually do not like to take my team on the ML, and many will tell you not to bet on your team, I am going to bet on Norris to walk away with the win.